00:49:19 (automated message) Thanks for contacting Nightline. We're here to listen. A volunteer will be with you soon...

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00:49:52 You are no longer in a queue, Operator Volunteer joined the chat
00:50:14 Volunteer: Hello, this is Nightline.
00:50:46 Volunteer: Is there anything you would like to talk about this evening?
00:55:25 Volunteer: Take your time, Nightline is here to listen. However, would you be able to type something, even send a blank message, just to let me know you are still there?
01:03:37 Volunteer: It seems like it may be difficult for you to talk right now?
01:09:04 Volunteer: I'm going to end the chat now if that's okay, but please do contact us in the future if you feel more able to talk.
01:10:19 Operator Volunteer left the chat